Company name

Everything started from a beautiful orchard nearby a small village Werkhoven. It was in 1957 when my father built a house in a middle of this nice garden. Very soon after that, one extremely creative aunt, came up with a perfect name for this beautiful homestead;
it was named "'t KLOKHUIS".

And now, almost 50 years later, me, Tonko van der Hoeven, introduce myself under this name, and for me it is a great pleasure to introduce a very special type of pear called Quince to you again, after all these years. 't KLOKHUIS is specialised in all kind of products made from Quince. There are three reasons why I chose for this particular type of pear for Quince. Only to make you see the first reason better I am taking you back with me to my memories.


Along the ditch you find a nice row of Quince trees. It is a wonderful experience to see these trees in spring when they come into bloom with these beautiful pink blossoms and in autumn these trees are full with delicious, a little bit gnarled pears, which have a downy top layer. The fruit is very hard! And if you will try a small bite of this fruit you will probably find it not so delicious at all. The Quince must be well prepared before it is eatable. Very often we were making jam and Quince sauce from these special fruits and almost never that delicious jelly, because this required even more work and for such a laborious task there was no time during the harvest. It is a miracle that such a tasteless fruit at first can be so delicious after it is prepared. That is just a delicacy!  


The Quince is not only delicious but also very healthy. Actually it is one of the healthiest fruits. Quince fruit contains a lot of vitamin C. Quince fruit also has medical characteristics; it can stop diarrhoea and it is well doing for your stomach and intestines. This fruit also stimulates blood circulation and because of that it can be helpful for men who have potency problems.
It is very important to accentuate that Quince products that are produced by 't KLOKHUIS are made from natural, unsprayed fruits and that's why these products are without preserving remedies. Nice to know, isn't it?! Take the advantage of it.

Quince pear contains a lot of vitamin C in it.

Nutrition value per 100 g
Energy 57 kcal
238 kJ
Vitamin C
1,9 g
15,30 g
0,10 g
0,40 g
83,80 g
11 mg
8 mg
15 mg

Support the landscape of the Netherlands.

The last but not the least reason, to be mentioned, is that during the last couple of years the number of Dutch horticulture companies declined. Very often it is not profitable. And because the number of horticulture companies continues to decline, very many orchards are been destroyed. That is why the landscape of the Netherlands is been damaged. We hope that by selling products of the Quince pear we can save at least this orchard.

In brief think about your health and support the landscape of the Netherlands! Simply - enjoy high quality Quince pear products!