Products of 't KLOKHUIS are healthy and of perfect quality. All products with Quince are produced from unsprayed Quince pears. All products are produced by acknowledged craftsmen companies. These products are pure natural. That's why it is possible that color and taste will lightly vary from season to season. After opening keep it cool. Take notice of expiry date. 

The Fruit:
Fragrant quinces. Natural from own orchard, so unsprayed fruit.
Quince Extra Jam ConfitureExtra Jam with quince pieces. Without added emulsifiers.
Contents: 385 grams per weckpot
FruitspreadFruitspread with pieces quince. Without added emulsifiers and sugarfree.
Contents: 320 grams per weckpot
Lovely fresh:

Fresh and slightly acidic taste.
Contents: 0.75 ltr

Quinces are high in vitamin C.
Medical: stimulates the circulation of the blood.


Fresh and slightly acidic taste.
Contents: 0.75 ltr

Cranberries contain the substance proanthocyanide.
Medical: A lower risk of urinary tract infections.


Light sweet of taste.
Contents: 0.75 ltr

Cherries contain carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin C.
Medical: Less inflammation with cherries


A surprising combination. Light sweet of taste.
Contents: 0.75 ltr

Pears contain vitamin C, fiber and potassium.
Medical: stimulates the bowels, laxative works.


Sweet of taste.
Contents: 0.75 ltr

Elderberries contain anthocyanidines, rutin, isoquertin and hyperoside.
Medical: stimulates our immune system. Prevents and take care of quick recovery from colds and flu.


Fresh sweet of taste. Be surprised by the purity of the juice.
Contents: 0.75 ltr

Apples contain pectin.
Medical: Pectin is a crude operation and ensures that heavy metals like lead and mercury from our bodies met. Pectin protects the aging process and the emergence of such cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy tasty:
Olive oil Miramonte di Burcino

Miramonte di Burciano olive oil is made from ecologically cultivated olives.
Delicious unfiltered olive oil, making the distinct taste better preserved.

Origin: Italy, Tuscany, Burciano

Contents: 500 ml, 1 ltr, 3 ltr or 5 ltr.

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