Recipes from Quince pear

Quince pear jelly

For 2-3 pots.

1,2 kg Quince pears
300 g sour apples
squeezed lemon juice (from 1 big lemon) without pulp
1 package of jelly sugar

Cut the fruits with peel and core into pieces. Put the Quince pear into a pan and pour some water (till the second phalanx of the finger) on a top of it. Bring it up till boiling and keep the pan boiling for 2 hours.  In the last half an hour add the apples to it. Place wet cloth into the percolator. Pour lemon juice to the rest of juice. Add 750g jelly sugar per 1 liter of fluid. Bring this all up till boiling and let it boil hard for 2 minutes. Skim the scum from the top of it. Pour the prepared jelly into pots and closed it very good. Keep it in dark and cool place.

Source: Marijke Haverkamp

Quince pear jam

2 kg Quince pears
1 pound jelly sugar

Wash the Quince pears good. You also can peel these pears, but then they get bruin very fast. Put pears into the pan with a lot of water (approximately 4 fingers water above the Quince pears pieces).
Bring it slowly up to boiling. Stick pieces of fruit with a fork, just like you usually do in case of apples. If they feel soft, then take the pan off the flame and leave this all stand for one night. Then pour it all into the neteldoek. Sgueez all the liquid out very good. Now take this lighter liquid and add half kilo of jelly sugar to it. Follow the instructions indicated on the package and pour boiling jam into glass pots till the top of the pot. Put metal cover on a top of the pots and place these pots upsidedown. Leave the pots to cool down. After they cooled down close them hermetically.

Source: Daniëlle Houbrechts

Quince pear cake

250 g flour
2 tl cooking powder
1 egg
75 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
1 a jot of salt
125 gr butter
750 Quince pears
100 g sugar
2 cloves
1 glass cognac
1 package of cake jelly (taartina)
1 cup of cherry in juice

Preparation (stadium 1)
Flour and cooking powder place on your working place through percolator. In the middle make a hole and place the egg in it. Mix the egg with some flour till it gets thick. Strew sugar and salt over it. Cut cold butter into small pieces through the flour and shape it with cold hands fast till it turns into dough. Pack it in and let is stand in fridge for 20 minutes.
Preparation (stadium 2)
Warm oven till 175 grades (hetelucht op 160 graden). Cover spring cake tin (including the side) with that dough. Bake the cake for 15 – 20 minutes till it gets nice brawn color. Peel Quince pears and cut them into slight pieces. Or you can also use Quince pear cubes produced by ‘t KLOKHUIS. Place these pieces of pears together with sugar and cloves into ¼ l of water and cook them till they get soft. Let them cool down and leak out. Pour cognac over and place them nice on the bottom of the cake. Place also the cherries around the side of the cake.
Jelly prepare following the instructions, which are shown on the package and pour it over the cake.

Source: Janneke’s Receptenpagina

Quince pear-peel liqueur (28,8 AV%), fruit

Ingredients for round 1 liter:

1 pound peels
1 liter alcohol of 40 AV%
2 ounces sugar
2 lemons
25 coriander seeds 

Clean the top of the Quince pear peel with a dry cloth. Then peel of the peel of the fruits. Put pear peels together with alcohol and coriander seeds into a pot and mix it by adding sugar into it. Squeeze lemons out and pour their juice into the same pot. Close this pot and let it stand in a warm place. Leave it standing like this for one month, and don't forget to shake it. Strain the liqueur and let it purify.

Source: Likeurenrecepten van Wim Jonker (nov. 01)